Linnea Strid - konstnär

Rinse and exhale

Oil on plywood, 55 x 40,5 cm.

Oil on plywood, 55 x 40,5 cm.


    Jupp, jupp, jupp, helt galet grymt!

  • Perfection would be a huge understatement.

  • Tja! Och vad vill du ha för den hära då?

  • Tjena tjena! Den är till salu genom Thinkspace gallery, vet inte exakt vad de vill ha för den ännu. Jag kan höra av mig när jag vet. 🙂

  • Amazing. Congratulations Linnea, NEVER stop draw, please! You are an great artist.

  • i werent so speechless in my life!
    the water and her expression.
    no words for this genius painting

  • GORGEOUS. Your work is just stunning. I agree with the above poster, never stop painting/drawing/creating! Unless of course you want to, but still! Your art is beautiful, I feature it on my Tumblr website quite a bit. Take care! 🙂
    – Laura xoxo.

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