Linnea Strid - konstnär

I’m erasing you

I'm erasing you

Oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm.


    Hej! Är denna tavla till salu fortfarande? mvh

  • Think your an aboloutely amazing artist and i’m using you as my inspiration for my GCSE. You paint outstandingly 🙂

  • I like the sadness in your paintings. this is my favorite.

  • Dear Linnea,
    Same question: Is this work available?
    Kind Regards

  • I am using this masterpiece as basis for my Philosophy assignment on Expressive vs Representational Art. Linnea Strid, you are amazingly talented and I applaud you! I admire your work and am in awe.

  • Hi Linnea,
    Wanted to let you know, we love the painting you did of our dog a couple years ago, it’s one of our most prized possessions and has a prominent place in our home. Keep making art, you have the power to emotionally touch people around the globe. And for this, I will be forever grateful for you and your​ artists brothers and sisters.

  • your work is truly an inspiration to all. i love it so much that i have chosen you as my artist for GCSE and i cannot wait to begin re creating your work! could you send me some tips perhaps on my email? thank you so much linnea strid !!

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