Linnea Strid - konstnär

Tear me apart

Oil on board, 28 x 30 cm.


    Amazing work just love it
    where can i get a copy? or even possibly buy the original?

  • This is the painting that made me fall in love with your work. You are an incredibly talented artist- your work is an inspiration.

    -from an aspiring artist.

  • ((( <3 )))

  • I am so in love with your work.. incredible.. if any of those pieces I commented on is to sell.. please let me know.

  • Ms. Strid,

    Your work is aesthetic for the human soul. The color harmony silently approaches the viewers eye to grasp value of how you formed and texturized your work with Tear Me Apart. The realistic and natural representation of your work defines the opposite of idealization. The moral message is pure in your work, Ms. Strid. Bravo!


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